AIRBNB Host & Short-Term Rental (STR) Consultancy

SAS Advisory LLC (formerly Sochinsky Advisory Services LLC) ID 404589655 is a Tbilisi based business consultancy company member of Sochinsky International.
The Company offers AIRBNB Hosts and STR Rentals a comprehensive range of services. SAS Advisory helps STR startups to plan their business properly, connect to the right counterparties, and make the right decisions after starting a business. The company helps its clients manage financial resources properly.
Company’s services include:

  • AIRBNB Host Advisory
  • Short-Term Rental Consultancy
  • Property Use Case Arbitrage
  • STR & AirDNA analysis of market and competition
  • Teaching importance of property macro and micro amenities
  • Pre-purchase property evaluation

We help clients overcome barriers to growth with the access to expertise and knowledge.
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Listings under management

1.  Sunlit Sanctum with a splash of Glam! KARE@Design

2.  Sololaki CoZy Place Ingorokva St. n/Freedom Sq.

3.  Balconette Bliss in Nomad’s Opera Vicinity.


Sunlit Sanctum with s Splash of Glam! Kare@Design – was named as on the of the best listing in Tbilisi City