AIRBNB Host & Short-Term Rental (STR) Consultancy

SAS Advisory LLC (formerly Sochinsky Advisory Services LLC) ID 404589655 is a Tbilisi based business consultancy company member of Sochinsky International.
The Company offers AIRBNB Hosts and STR Rentals a comprehensive range of services. SAS Advisory helps STR startups to plan their business properly, connect to the right counterparties, and make the right decisions after starting a business. The company helps its clients manage financial resources properly.
Company’s services include:

  • AIRBNB Host Advisory
  • Short-Term Rental Consultancy
  • Property Use Case Arbitrage
  • STR & AirDNA analysis of market and competition
  • Teaching importance of property macro and micro amenities
  • Pre-purchase property evaluation

We help clients overcome barriers to growth with the access to expertise and knowledge.
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SOCHINSKY ANALYTICA & Financial Advisory

Sochinsky Analytica provides data collection and analytical services in support of inclusive finance promotion.
Financial advisory is the main business direction of Sochinsky Analytica, financial advisory services include:

  • Business model development and business plan development;
  • Creating market surveys and supporting new business creation;
  • Capital Rising (loans and capital);


We believe in the trans-formative power of entrepreneurship and inclusive finance to build stronger local economies. We help clients overcome barriers to growth with the access to capital, technologies and expertise that accelerates profitability and sustainable development and enables our partners to create more opportunities for everyone to participate in and benefit from the promise of prosperity.